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Residential and Commercial Cleaning Services

Cleaning Services: We inject an exclusive, all-natural solution that reaches up to 240 degrees, deep into your carpet fibers, removing the deepest, toughest, stains and dirt. This sanitizing solution combines with high heat to aid in removing bacteria, dust mites, micro particles, smoke and residue that accumulates in your carpets over time. Each carpet is then rinsed with a neutralizer which further removes any residue. Then, we post-groom the carpet pile to its natural state for a "standing tall" fullness.


Upholstery Cleaning: We are one of the most trusted companies when it comes to upholstery. We have a variety of upholstery cleaning techniques. Each fabric will require a different approach. We will first test the fiber to determine whether it needs to be wet cleaned or dry cleaned, if the fibers are synthetic or natural, and whether or not it is colorfast. We then vacuum the upholstery thoroughly. The fabric may or may not require pre-spray, but if it does, we will apply pre-spray and work it in with an upholstery brush to suspend the soil. At this point, a warm water extraction at low pressure with medium vacuum will be used to thoroughly rinse the fabric. Upholstery is very delicate to work with, so don't use just anyone.


Tile and Grout Cleaning: Tile and grout are usually found in areas of your home prone to high traffic, which get dirtier, faster. Perhaps you've tried cleaning your stone or tile and grout yourself and gave up because, let's face it, it is very difficult to get it properly clean. It's a great deal of hard work cleaning tile by hand. We use specially formulated cleaners, intensive scrubbing, and high-pressure steam to dissolve and force the dirt out of textured, uneven tile and grout. When we're done, you may think you've got a new floor.


Water Restoration Service: Water damage can happen to anyone on any day. That is why we offer 24-hour emergency service 7-days a week for water restoration. Our powerful truck-mounts can remove several thousand gallons of water within minutes. We also have high-tech drying equipment to reduce the level of humidity and dry carpets, furniture, drapery and more. We use air movers and dehumidifiers to prevent the warping and swelling of floors, walls, and furniture, and to prevent metal corrosion and rusting.

Service Industry

  • Clean
  • Furniture
  • Sanitize and deodorize carpet
  • We clean tile
  • Upholstery
  • Mexican tile
  • Sofas
  • Marble and terrazzo.

We do water restoration and pressure cleaning.

Residential and Commercial Cleaning Services

Infinity Cleaning Service provides residential and commercial clients with proficient cleaning and guaranteed work and services. We use only the most trusted and effective cleaning solutions and equipment, ensuring that your carpet is cleaned in the most thorough and efficient way. Unlike many other carpet cleaning services, we do not just make carpets "appear" clean; we make sure to get deep into the fibers for lasting results. Infinity Cleaning Service removes the toughest, nastiest, and deepest stains, sanitizing items and removing event the tiniest micro particles, dust mites, bacteria, odors, and residues that accumulate. Call us today for your FREE quote!

Residential and Commercial Cleaning Services

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